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Iowa Farm Land/Crop Land Values Steady

March 22, 2016

The numbers are out!  Last year, 2016, fourth quarter land sales of farm land were spotty, the market is still skittish.  Investors are bigger players.  This does not always mean 'non farm' people, this includes farm people who have had their ship come in for one reason or the other.  It could be a sale of a small ag business, or the sale of an invention for ag machinery.  The 4th quarter average price of $8,682 was about the same as values in the previous year, but still 14 percent below top 2013 prices. The CSR2 of purchased land was higher during 2015.  The highest farm land sale during the last part of 2015 was $18,100.  Almost 20% of all fourth quarter sales were over $10,000 per acre!

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